A remarkable amount of conscious effort goes into details in everyday products - details that we often just overlook.

There’s a brush in my coffee grinder. It’s a cheap piece of plastic with some small bristles poked into the end. This brush lives in the plastic pillar in the middle of the bean hopper. You wouldn’t even know it was there (read your manuals, kids). This morning, as I went to grind some beans for coffee - nothing came out. The chute where the grounds come out was chock full. How would I clean it out? What implement would I use to get into that small space and remove the obstruction so that I could enjoy some fresh French-pressed goodness this morning?

In that moment I remembered: they thought to include a tiny brush expressly for this purpose. I could see the product testing and the focus groups: I’ve owned this machine for a few months and this is its first clog. I understood that there must have been someone who saw this problem and didn’t stop at “well, they’ll just clean it with an old toothbrush or something.” No - it could be done better. Let’s give them a brush. Sure, they’ll almost never use it, but that’s why we’ll give it a place to be stored so it doesn’t get lost.

Someone will appreciate it.